RE Family


NOTE: Renesas RE family of MCU are no longer being promoted.  Modules from this course group are for legacy customer reference purposes only.  

Available RE MCU Courses

Renesas RE Family Energy Harvesting system (Module 4)

Last Updated October 07, 2020

Renesas RE Family Low power Function (Module 3)

Last Updated October 07, 2020

How to use the Renesas RE family driver startup and peripheral functions (module 2)

Last Updated September 29, 2020

Renesas RE Family Development tools Settings (Module 1)

Last Updated September 24, 2020

Renesas RE Family Introduction - The World’s Most Energy Efficient MCU

Last Updated September 08, 2020

Introduction to Renesas RE Family & RE01 Group

Last Updated October 31, 2019

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RE Family Software & Tool Course

This series of video tutorials will help you to learn the features of Solution, Software and Tools for the Renesas RE family. The Renesas development environment will be introduced in an easy-to-understand manner to help you start your development. Simply click HERE to get started!