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Available RX MCU Courses

Introduction to Renesas RX72M, RX72N, and RX66N MCU **NEW**

Date Published April 07, 2020

Introduction to Renesas RX13T for Motor Control **NEW**

Date Published March 30, 2020

Introduction to RX23E-A RSSK for Industrial Sensor Applications **NEW**

Date Published March 27, 2020

XMBP16003: Introduction to RX23W with Bluetooth 5.0

Date Published December 03, 2019

Introduction to Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit

Date Published August 20, 2019

Introduction to the RX651 Low Pin Count (LPC) MCU

Date Published July 30, 2019

Introduction to RX Products & Road-maps (Module 1)

Date Published August 23, 2018

Detailed Overview of RX Core Features (Module 2)

Date Published August 23, 2018

The RX Standard Development Environment (Module 3)

Date Published August 23, 2018

How RX Solves Target Application Challenges (Module 4)

Date Published August 23, 2018

Renesas Infrastructure & Online Ecosystem (Module 5)

Date Published August 23, 2018

Fundamentals of Development Tool Installation (Module 6)

Date Published August 23, 2018

Introduction to the RX130 32Bit MCU

Date Published January 29, 2018

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